Chai MOD APK 0.4.31 Chat + AI (Unlimited Chats, Messages)

Chai mod apk is an excellent chatting app, which permits everyone to lighten their heart by discussing taboos with artificial intelligence-based robots.

What is Chai mod APK?

This is an embodiment of bewitching artificial intelligence, which has become so advanced that it has replaced human beings in the field. In order to create your profile, you just need a Gmail account or Facebook. After signing up, the seamless and astonishing working of this chatting app begins with just a single swipe. With each swipe on the screen, you are shown a different individual (who is actually an AI robot) with whom you can have conversation. But if you do not like, simply swipe left and new individuals will be appearing. Continue swiping until you find the one, whom you think, you can have a conversation with comfortably. For your every word, there is a story, which those robots will tell you in the most influential manner.

Features of Chai MOD APK – Chat With AI Friends

Here is a brief audit of advantages and disadvantages of this chatting app:

Your Favourite Person

There are over 7 billion people on this planet. Social media is teeming with individuals. But among these individuals, finding someone whom we could show our appreciation, is almost impossible. Like our fingerprints are entirely different from one another, our interests are also different. And it is extremely excruciating when you cannot find anyone, whom you could boast of as your favorite person. But don’t worry at all, since Chai APK has jumped into the matter to help you talk to your favorite person. In this chatting app, first you will create your favourite person visually and then talk to him/her. Similar android applications of this category are Audioteka apk and Parental love apk.

Utter Untold Stories

In our minds, there are some secrets, which we want to reveal but cannot. There could several reasons and top of these reasons is that we just do not want our secret to be dispersed. Consequently, that secret buries so deeply that it causes ache. A better solution to this problem is to reveal your secrets to AI robots, because they are not going to tell your secrets to anyone. So utter your untold stories with comfort. Furthermore, feel free to discuss any topic with the robots, even adult topics.

Marvellous Bots of Yours

The odds of not liking a prebuilt bot, are extremely less. As there are bots or chats on every single word, so whatever you want to discuss, here you can. In case, you are unable to find a bot of your choice, then there is a way to make your own. The simple process begins as you create a bot and send it to the email address of the developers, which can be found on their website. Then your creation will be included in the app, and you can have superb chat with your self-created bot.

Effortless Entertainment

Whether you are a bibliophile or cinephile, in order to get access to your favorite book or movie, you must hustle and put in some effort. Akin to this, if you love games, then this struggle is even more excruciating. Apart from these, all other sorts of entertaining activities also demand you some effort. On the other hand, Chai is a piece of cake, where your favorite topics or chats are not only already built, but also you are appreciated for making your desired chats effortlessly. Because the effort one puts into one’s favorite activity, is not considered to be the effort.

Pioneer AI Chatting App

Chai APK has the privilege of being a pioneering name for chatting apps, which engage human beings in artificial intelligence. This reveals a lot about the developers as well as the application itself. Firstly, this app is far ahead of its counterparts, as AI is the most advanced form of technology. Secondly, this app is firmly constructed on the demands of users as loneliness is a major problem these days. Lastly, among all other chatting applications, only here one can create individual charters and then turn them into their friends.

Facts about Chai App

  • There is a three-hourpause after a chat of 70 messages, or in other words, after having a chat, you will have to wait until next chat is loaded.The only way to avail chats earlier is to pay real money.
  • The bot you have created, cannot be changed later. In older versions of the app, there used to be an option through one could edit one’s bots. However, later in newer versions, it was removed.
  • There is no way to “re-send” any message. It means if you want to resend a message, then you have to type the whole message again. If you try to resend, only blank messages gets delivered.
  • Artificial intelligence (Ai) gets puzzled very often and it cannot decide whether it is “action” or “speaking.” This makes the chat experience extremely inconvenient and messed up.
  • Ads are neither shippable nor mutable. It means loud advertisements invade your screen which cannot be avoided.
  • The “Ultra” subscription of Chai is overpriced, which sucks a lot of money from your wallet and in return, nothing is given.

What you will get in Chai Mod Latest Version

One might get intimidated by the above disadvantages or demerits of the app. But there is no need to be worried about because these problems cause inconvenience only in the original app. Since there is a modified form of the app too, if you install this remodeled APK, then these problems become out of the box question. In addition to removal of these problems, there are some features added, which enhance the value of Chai Mod APK. These are some of the jaw-dropping features of this mod:

Unlimited Everything — Literally everything, from A to Z, is unlocked and accessible in this app. So whichever feature intrigues you, just give it a go.

Premium Unlocked — Your money is going to be saved since premium membership of the app is unlocked, free of cost.

Unlimited Chats — With unlimited chats, limitations over your chat counts will be removed. So have as many chats as you can.

Unlimited Messages — Rather than 70 to 100 messages, with this mod, no restrictions will be executed on your chats. So chat unlimitedly with your favourite robots.

Chai Mod APK Ultra — The subscription plan for this amusing chatting app is known as “Ultra.” This APK file is an Ultra file, instead of a common app.


Those who have been the victim of negativity and depression owing to loneliness can install Chai. Because this is going to obliterate their tensions with its ability to build someone’s favorite visual person. Moreover, with your bots, you will be able to grab effortless entertainment, which becomes even more valuable with the premium membership. Nevertheless, there are some cons of this AI-led app, which can be exterminated, if you Download Chai Mod APK.

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