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Primarily, Parental Love Apk falls under the category of a dating app, where the dating experience and the relationship between a couple, are shown with exquisite visuals, winsome dialogues, and a perfect story. Additionally, this visual novel is free of cost and can be downloaded anytime.

Story of Parental Love Apk

Parental Love Apk is a visual form of novel or an extremely engaging story of a family, where you are the protagonist of the story. The story begins with an unfortunate turn of events, when you are shocked by the breakup with your wife. Since your daughter prefers living with her mother, so you end up being extremely alone. Going through this gloominess, you might encounter a lot of other problems too.

Besides, flashbacks add icing on the cake, when you will be shown your exhilarating past with your wife, when everything was on the track and life was full of pleasures. But the drug addiction and other problems compelled the couple to part their ways.

After many years, the story reaches to the crescendo, when you and your wife meet again in the life. This time, they decide to restart their life with passion, dedication, and commitment. In order to know what will happen next, you had better read the full story, dialogue by dialogue in Parental Love Apk Zip. Your daughter will also play the crucial role in the story, and exquisite visuals further add beauty to this visual novel. Moreover, Parental Love Apk Registration is a doddle that even a child can do without any prior knowledge. Besides, in case of any issue, you can consult the management.


Name Parental Love
Size 706MB
Publisher Luxee
Category Dating
Specialty Offline Mode Available
Find it on Onlty on this website

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Features of Parental Love Apk

  • Since it’s an adult game, so one might find some explicit content, which might not be appropriate for under-age people
  • For mature people, this game is nothing, but a way to satisfy the senses with superb adult storyline
  • Rather than some formal blah blah, each dialogue is based on real-time conversation, ending up story to go with ultra fast pace
  • The vibrant visuals are extremely engaging that one cannot remove one’s focus from the aesthetics of the visuals
  • The unbelievable plot and its jaw-dropping events seize the attention of players so powerfully, that it is not feasible for anyone to get distracted
  • Withal to the same old love story of two bachelors, Parental Love Apk Latest Version is the story of a married couple, which is extremely rare
  • The abruptness and unpredictability of the story is beyond description — what you are thinking, will not happen, and what you are not expecting, will definitely occur
  • The compatibly of this game for almost all operating systems (especially for android) is beyond description, since there is neither bugs issue nor other errors

FAQs About Parental Love MOD

Why is Parental Love unavailable on Google Play Store?

The explicit portrayal of drugs, romance, and other taboos, in a game is not allowed. Therefore, this game has been removed from that giant store.

What is the difference between the requirements of this game for different operating systems?

Well, primarily it stays same for almost all the operating systems, as space, processor and other factors remain same in all the devices and OS. However, the requirement regarding RAM, is doubled if you want to install in PC or laptop.

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