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Out of a slew of life-simulating apps and games, discover the real life in BitLife APK. In this single-player, offline life simulator, the lives of characters commence from birth and obliterate with demise. Meanwhile, the journey from birth to death is going to be controlled by none other than you.

BitLife Mod APK God Mode And Bitizenship

Life has always been the greatest mystery. Understanding life is extremely arduous, thereby we tend to make those decisions, which we regret later. Some believe that the way we spend our lives is predestined, whereas others believe that we construct our approach to life. Regardless of the belief, BitLife APK is such an amazing game, where one not only gives birth to characters but also goes through all the phases of life. Moreover, exclusive factors like Bitizenship, god mode, boss mode, and other elements add icing on the cake.

BitLife APK + MOD (Free purchase)

Features of BitLife MOD APK

Here are some catchy features:

4 Elements of the Life

If one ponders over, there are four major elements of our lives. These are happiness, looks, health, and intelligence. Happiness is deemed to be our topmost priority, for all of our lives we endeavor to find happiness in life. Looks, which is another main factor behind hatred, love, and appreciation. As looks of someone compel us to either love them or hate them. Health and intelligence are other two cardinal things, which are desired by everyone but vested to only a few fortunate individuals. Surprisingly, all above mentioned four elements are going to fall under your control in this epic game.

Life from all the Aspects

One point that everyone questions, is the uniqueness that how one particular thing differs from the rest of its counterparts. So is the case with BitLife, as there are hundreds of life simulation games in the market. Then how this game enjoys superiority over its counterparts? Well, the only difference between this game and its counterparts is the encapsulation of all the aspects of life. Or in other words, unlike other life simulators, here one will be able to join schools, build assets, establish relationships, and indulge in activities. This all-in-one package provide excellency to BitLife.

Face the Music of Choices

The realistic approach of this game will not allow you to dodge the punishment for your mistakes. Primarily, you are given a chance to make choices and then these choices can have negative as well as positive outcomes. Using your wit and intelligence, you had better make the best decision. Kissing your favourite guy or girl might be a wrong decision. But at the same time, it might prove a good decision too. In short, you will have to face the music of your choices.

A Timeless Life?

Life here, is nothing but a timeless wonder. Because you can control the currents of time. Whether a situation is going to occur in near future, or it has been passed, you can jump into that moment. This is will happen with the help of a time machine: mankind’s greatest desire. In this way, life becomes timeless, as there is no rigid timeline, to where your character will be living. A free-hand makes sure that you cherish all the timelines. Explore similar simulation gameplay at hotel empire tycoon mod apk or block city wars mod apk to enjoy a real experience.

Features of BitLife Mod APK God Mode And Bitizenship

  • Bitizenshipas well as God mode is unfastened in this remodeled APK file
  • You can use time machine for free, which is quite expensive in simple version
  • BitLife Boss permits you to lead a set of all the jobs with boss mode
  • BitLife mod apk unlimited money contains more or less two billion dollars, which can be grabbed without doing anything

FAQs About BitLifeMod APK

What is Bitizenship in BitLife APK?

As the name harbingers, this resembles to citizenship. One enjoys all the rights and privileges of a certain geographical area soon after getting citizenship. So is the case with Bitizenship, one will enjoy all the in-game features.

Is God Mode, a part of bitizenship?

God mode is a separate element, which is supposed to be procured with real money. On the other hand, Bitizenship is a free element, which can be availed by everyone. So if one is given Bitizenship, God mode will not the part of it.

What is the current price of God Mode?

It is not feasible to aver any particular price, because prices vary from country to country. Moreover, with the passage of time, they fluctuate too. However, the current price is below $5.

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