When will the users be able to get OB37 update in Garena Free Fire?

The only thing, that distinguishes Garena Free Fire from other battle royale games, is nothing but the intermittent winsome updates. After regular intervals, we get to see a plethora of updates, and all these updates have brought a lot of changes to the game. Now, if we compare the very first version of Garena FF to the latest version, then an unavoidable difference can be seen. All the credit for this evolution goes to the updates of Free Fire. Typically these updates focus on:

  • The enhancement and improvement in the user interface
  • The maps are balanced and adjusted with some modifications
  • Issues, related to weapons and characters are settled

Withal to these features, a lot of other features are also included in these regular updates. In this regard, recently, the reverend franchise has commenced a new streak of updates, known as OB updates. After releasing many OB updates, now Garena is looking forward to releasing the OB37 advance server. No one knows when it will be released, since no announcement by the official company, has been made regarding this update. However, Free Fire OB37 release date can easily be reckoned with the sequential order of Garena updates.

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OB35 server was released, when a new season in the game, began. Similarly, the OB36 update was also accompanied by a new season. This allows us to guess the release date of OB37, which will be released with the commencement of a new season. Because the ongoing season will terminate soon and the new season will be initiated by the 15th of November. On the same day, we can expect the release of OB37. Hence, we may expect that the users will be able to get OB37 update in the middle of November 2022.

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