PUBG and Dead by Daylight: The Spookiest Crossover

It always gives a sense of exhilaration to witness PUBG’s crossover with any other franchise or game. But this crossover between the top-notch battle game and other games becomes even more graceful when it releases in October: the month when Halloween is celebrated. Indeed, it’s common for games to release their updates according to the events, but PUBG brings new updates so gracefully, that it sets trends in the gaming industry.

A Brief Look at PUBG Crossovers:

When it is October, then expecting a crossover between PUBG and other games, is quite common. PUBG has always been amusing its user through this trend. In the past, it has been portraying several crossovers, which are shown below:

  • Once PUBG collaborated with Assassin’s Creed, which combined the classical style acts of valor of historical heroes with the bottommost style of PUBG. The users had access to a plethora of new stylish skins and weapons in that collaboration
  • The collaboration of PUBG with Resident Evil 2 is also an apple of the eye for most of gamers, since it brought Leon from Resident Evil to the unknown battlegrounds of PUBG, with spiced horror elements.
  • The portrayal of Joker and other characters in PUBG marked the collaboration with Suicide Squad, which perhaps had the best skins and winsome weapons ever.

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What Should We Expect in October 2022?

Since it has been confirmed that this time, PUBG will collaborate with the most-loved and feared survival game: Dead by Daylight. Complying with the excellent and spooky standards of Halloween, this duo is going to unleash unpredictable entertainment as well as a terrific response from gamers. Because, both the games have a giant fan following and hold topmost positions in their horizons. So one must prepare oneself for this jaw-dropping collaboration, which will commence on 4th of October and will last for a month, until November.

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