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Wonder Zoo Mod Apk is a unique single-player casual game which is published by Gameloft SE. A simulation game in which you have to rescue animals from the poacher and look after them appropriately in your stunning zoo. Its 3D graphics, exciting missions, and its intriguing features will help you to play this game continuously for hours without feeling hectic. If you are curious to explore its dramatic features in detail then read this blog thoroughly because in this blog we will examine it completely.

Wonder Zoo Mod APK: Animal Rescue Game

Wonder Zoo is one the best causal games for children with an interesting storyline. In this game, you have to rescue the animals while exploring the safari world. Rescue the animals from the poacher who is continuously stealing animals and grow them properly in your wonderful zoo with the assistance of your competent and caring staff.

Play as an animal protection researcher. So you have to build an incredible zoo to nurture and protect the animals, especially the endangered species. As every specie requires a particular habitat to grow properly, so customize their habitats in accordance with their kind.

Wonder Zoo Mod APK Unlimited Money

Wonder Zoo Mod Apk nearly features two distinct modes. In the first one, you have to build your fantastic zoo and in the other mode rescue, all the animals kidnapped by poachers. The entire world is divided into seven distinct maps including jungle, savannah, polar, paddock, mountain, alpine, and grassland. Each contains distinct locations. Explore each map individually to rescue distinct species of animals including dinosaurs. After liberating them introduce distinct kinds of animals to your incredible zoo. Develop your zoo skillfully by adding diverse plants and building to your zoo. A stunning zoo will attract more visitors and also make your animals happy. Both these will help you to receive various gold coins in a short span. More Similar to The Battle Cats mod apk

Wonder Zoo MOD Apk Gameplay

Various kinds of animals comprising tigers, bears, elephants, lions, horses, etc are in danger. Some of them had been kidnapped by hunters. Your primary responsibility in this game is to rescue them safely and introduce them to your zoo to evolve them appropriately.


Construct Fantastic Zoo: Like humans animals also require a safe living. To grow the rescued animals properly build a versatile zoo comprising different habitats. Introduce cold habitats to your zoo for polar bears, penguins, and foxes. Also, add hot habitats for desert animals like snakes.

Wonder Zoo Cheats

Harvest Food: Sow a seed and harvest the crops timely to get food for your animals. Grow different kinds of crops in your zoo because you have to nourish herbivores, carnivores as well as omnivores.

Distinct Maps: The world of the Wonder Zoo Apk Mod Hack is divided into seven different maps. At the start of the game, only one map will be opened. To unlock the further maps you have to attain a particular level. Each map will feature different locations comprising jungles, mountains, Polar, deserts, etc.

Gold Coins: Gold coins are the primary currency of the game. You have to consume gold coins to purchase anything. The main source of achieving gold coins is visitors. So build an amazing zoo and also decorate it nicely because an elegant zoo will attract more visitors which will help you to receive more gold coins.

Extinct Species: Some animal species are near extinction encompassing dragons, water dragons, sky dragons, mammals, etc. In the Wonder Zoo Apk Download, you have to save species that are near extinction by taking them to a safe place. Also, breed the endangered species to protect them from being extinct.

Wonder Zoo Mod APK Download

Install Buildings and Decorations: To attract visitors and to get additional coins from your animals install distinct buildings like restaurants, fountains, ships, wood shops, etc. Also, add different types of flowers to enhance the beauty of your zoo.

Fictional Species of Animals: To make this more interesting you will also encounter some fictional animals which include a griffin, unicorn, Phoenix, etc. Also took them to your zoo after liberating them.

Wonder Zoo Mod Latest Download

Wonder Zoo Mod Features

The Wonder Zoo Mod is the cracked version of its official app. In its mod version, you can enjoy some additional features of this game wholly for free. Its mod features propose

Unlimited Gold Coins: To purchase even a single thing, you will require gold coins. You can get gold coins from your visitors or by accomplishing exciting tasks which is a time-consuming process. But you don’t have to worry because in the Wonder Zoo Mod Apk you will receive endless gold coins for free without paying a single rupee.

Unlocked All: In the Wonder Zoo Mod Menu, legendary items including some plant types, animal species, maps, cages, etc latched at the beginning of the game which will be unlocked after reaching a particular level. But in the Wonder Zoo Mod Apk, all the items are unlocked even at the start of the game. So purchase your favourite items irrespective of your progress. Another Unlocked MOD Unlocked Catapult King Mod APK

No Ads: If you are using the official version of the Wonder Zoo App then you have to watch numerous ads while exploring its dramatic features which destroy the pleasure of the game. If you want to enjoy its stunning features flawlessly then you have to try Wonder Zoo Apk Hack which is entirely ad-free.

Free To Play: An exciting thing about the Wonder Zoo is it is totally free to download. You can enjoy its premium features exclusively for free.


Wonder Zoo Mod Apk is an outstanding animal-rescuing game that earned huge popularity globally due to its 3D graphics and captivating features. Enroll in its distinct maps to rescue the animals by exploring distinct locations and accomplish exciting missions to get exclusive rewards. It is considered one of the best simulation game for all age groups. Download it by clicking on the download button available on this page.


Can we use Wonder Zoo Animal Rescue without having an internet connection?

Yes, you can use it with or without a smooth internet connection. In offline mode, you can enjoy its all features easily but to connect to any social platform you will need a stable internet connection.

Is the Wonder Zoo Mod Apk is paid or free?

Wonder Zoo cracked version is entirely free to download. You can simply download it by tapping on the download tab available at the end of this page without wasting your money.

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