steel and flesh 2 mod apk unlimited health and money

Steel and Flesh 2 mod apk is a blend of action and strategy games. It is created on the real history of medieval times. There are some families and tiny nations that have their autonomous rules and regulations which bring conflicts between them. The stronger countries and their emperors conquered these tiny kingdoms by combat with them. In this way, they also rule these tiny kingdoms and increase their kingdom territory. In short, steel and flesh 2 is one of the top-rated, role-playing action game like rise of kingdoms bot and five nights at freddy’s 3 apk.

Steel and Flesh 2 MOD APK

Steel and Flesh 2 mod apk is a true mixture of action and strategy games. It recalls us of the medieval period when war was at its peak. Various people compete against each other to demonstrate their powers and take over their lands from them after beating them. It is the duration when the Mughals dynasty is striving to transmit their influence to Asia.

The players will analyze Europe in medieval times. The wars take place on large scale in distinct locations. You will play the role of a soldier in a war against 12 prominent lineages for a land. They have to develop stunning techniques to eradicate their enemies. By dominating more lands you will earn gold coins which you can use to purchase epic weapons and upgrade your soldiers. You can use these coins to alter their equipment and to purchase the other items present in the game.

Steel and flesh 2 unlimited everything allows its players to join any nation and take part in battles of numerous continents and islands. The players can take part in a battle of up to 300 people on the battleground. It can take place in villages, cities and even in mountains. The players can create their teams and order them as heads on the battlefield. They have to partake in maximum battles to expand their kingdom. At the beginning of the Steel and Flesh 2 mod apk, you will not eligible to serve as the head of the army. You will be like other fighters contributing to the battles and earning gold coins from their leaders. You can serve as a leader by appropriately using your coins. It is sometimes a complicated game for adults but yet children like to play it.

Steel and Flesh 2 MOD Infomation

steel and flesh 2 mod apk unlimited health and money

Name Steel and Flesh 2 mod apk
Publisher Virtual Studio
Category Action, Strategy
Size 252MB
Version 1.5
Special Feature Infinite Money, Gems, Opened All Weapons, No Ads etc.
Price Free
Get it on Google Play Store

Features of Steel and flesh 2 mod apk max level

3D Graphics and Sound System

A good game should have remarkable graphics and sound systems. The Steel and Flesh 2 comes with amazing graphics with 3D characters and battlefields that provides the true experience of wars and battling to its players. Furthermore, it also offers amazing background music and hitting sounds during the games. The melodic sounds in the game soothe the players.

Worldwide Map

Players can easily get 20 huge states of the medieval period on the map present in the game. Players can explore the whole world of this game with the aid of this map. They can create their states but they have to make their decision about their states carefully because a single false decision can lead to war.

Powerful Army

In Steel and Flesh 2 apk, the army is comprised of several parts and each part plays a unique role in the game. Players can create their troops according to their will and they can increase the chances of their victory by formulating an amazing strategy.

steel and flesh 2 mod apk unlimited steel maps and money

Multiplayer Online Game

Steel and Flesh 2 mod apkĀ is an online game in which players can play against their friends globally. You can compete with all players with your epic weapons and soldiers present in all parts of the world. So players obtain the chance to show their talent to the whole world. The players can raise up their soldiers which means the advancement of their soldiers is in their own hands. They can make them strongest in the game by continuously raising up their soldiers, weapons and their strategies.

steel and flesh 2 mod apk unlimited skill and money

Incredible Landscapes

Steel and Flesh give the option to play in different battles happening in distinct landscapes. The war can occur in the snowy battleground in the North, in the hot desert in the south and even on the cliffs in a mountainous area.


Players can customise their characters in the game by using the vast range of facial expressions costumes, beards, hairstyles, and helmets. With this feature, players can make their character of their own will.

steel and flesh 2 mod apk unlocked all weapons

Deadly Weapons

Steel and Flesh 2 mod apk come with a vast range of weapons including swords, spears, maces, bows, cubs, axes, crossbows etc. Each weapon comes with a specific remarkable power. So players can choose the weapon according to their playstyle and particular situation.

Contribute As a King and Fighter

In this game, players will act like a king and command their soldiers in the fields but they can also take part in the exciting wars in different locations of the world. They can compete with their rivals through their epic soldiers.


The controls system of this game is a bit complex for beginners but once they get familiar with its controls system then it is easy to play this game easily. As a head, you can command your soldiers easily by tapping on the screen. For combatting you can get the buttons on the screen to fight against your rivals.

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Key Features of Steel and Flesh 2 Mod Apk New Version

Players can build their states. They can also conquer different cities and countries and rule them by taking them into your territories. In this way, one day you will rule the empire with their rules and regulations. Steel and Flesh 2 mod apk has crossed over 1 million downloads on the Google play store.

  • Worldwide unlocked map
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited gems
  • Anti-ban
  • Unlimited all Resources
  • Free of cost

Reasons to Choose Steel and Flesh 2 MOD Apk

Characters Archer elite, Recruit, Knight spearman expert, Archer and Spearman etc.
Weapons Swords, Spears, Maces, Bows, Cubs, Axes, crossbows, Javelins and darts.
Tribes Roman Empire, Golden Horde, the Vikings, The Rus, England, France, Germany, Poland, Song Empire, Pirates and Rebels

How to download Steel and Flesh 2 Mod Apk?

You can easily download the Steel and Flesh 2 Mod Apk by fulfilling the detailed instructions provided below. In the initial step, you have to download the app and in the following step, you have to install it.

Downloading :

  • Initially, find the page from where you want to download this game.
  • Go to the download button on this page. Click on it to download it to your device.
  • After a few seconds, the game is downloaded to your device.
  • If your device provokes any problem in downloading. Move to the security from settings and enable the unspecified sources from there.
  • Similarly again download the game by clicking on the downloading button. This time it will download without any problem.


  • Open the file manager on your device.
  • Locate the downloaded app and tap to install it. After a few seconds, the icon of the app is seeming on your device.
  • Open the app and complete the instructions given in the game and enjoy it.


To sum up we can say that the steel and flesh 2 mod apk is about creating your army to combat your opponents to become a king of the whole world. Its key features include customization, multiplayer online games, a vast range of weapons, 3D graphics, an amazing sound system and its amazing features of infinite everything make it distinct from all other apps.


On which devise does it run smoothly?

It runs smoothly on all Android devices of version 4.4 or above it.

Is it valid to use the Steel and Flesh 2 mod apk?

Yes, this mod apk is valid to use until they are not misused. You can easily download this mod from this page and it needs some permissions during installation to allow them to install it on your devices.

Is Steel and Flesh 2 mod apk is a paid or free app?

It is completely free to play. You can easily get it free from this page without spending your money.

When was it launched officially?

The Steel and Flesh 2 apk was officially released on Dec 27, 2019, for Android and iOS devices worldwide.

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