Rise of Kingdoms Bot is a unique strategic multiplayer game which sets in medieval times. In this game, you will play a role of a king. As a king, you have to construct and govern your empire. Also, combat your rivals globally who strive to destroy your kingdom completely. By downloading it you can effortlessly build your ideal kingdom virtually.

Rise of Kingdoms Bot Gameplay

Rise of Kingdoms Online is a prominent strategic and battling game that gives a chance to its players to rule an entire kingdom. It offers four civilizations that comprise distinct units and powers. Choose one of them to construct your kingdom. After that select your favourite player and then participate in epic battles to win exclusive rewards. Research new technologies in your kingdom and also install buildings and units to make your kingdom stronger.


Furthermore, invite your friends to the Rise of Kingdoms Bots to show your capabilities in front of them. Also, explore the entire world of the Rise of Kingdoms with the help of the detailed map, and make your strategies to become a champion. Its controls are completely user-friendly.

If you are a regular player of the battling games then you can easily grasp them because their controls are synonymous with other battling games. If not then you can grasp them easily in some time.


Whether you wish to build your ideal kingdom or want to play a fierce battling game, you should try Rise of Kingdoms Bot which has gained massive popularity globally. Check Out An Amazing Alternative Games like Total conquest mod apk and Clash royale mod apk for Android.

What is Rise of Kingdom Mod Apk Android?

The Rise of Kingdoms Mod Apk is a true mod of its official app to get its premium features for free which are paid for in its official version. In its modded variant you will get:


  • Unlimited Money
  • Unconditional gems
  • Unlocked all characters
  • Unlatched all items
  • Auto upgrade building
  • Endless farming resources
  • Auto help alliance
  • Opened all locations
  • Ad free
  • Free to download

Features of Rise of Kingdoms Free Bot

Choose the favorable civilization to construct your kingdom from the 13 distinct civilizations. Make your kingdom elegant and powerful by utilizing distinct items.

Rise of Kingdoms has 34 distinct skilled heroes. Each holds unique powers which you can manipulate to fight your rivals. So choose the decent player according to the situation and then combat the entire world to protect your kingdom.

Also, establish alliances to defend your territories. In this multiplayer game, players can join alliances globally and help each other to conserve their kingdom territories which strengthens your defense system to great extent.

Explore all the battlefields featured in the ROK Bot Android encompassing the kingdom of Aragon, Kingdom of Orthanc, Domain of minas mutual, etc. Participating in maximum battles because each battlefield delivers a unique experience of battling.

Enjoy the incredible features of this prominent battling game with real players. But you can join this arena without the internet via offline mode.

Enjoy the exciting features of the Rise of Kingdoms Mod Apk solely for free even without spending a single penny.

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