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Moe Ninja Girls Mod Apk is a simulation game, albeit offline. With a slew of costumes and characters, it’s a story of a sharp-minded ninja, who has come to a school. The school is replete with beautiful girls and you’re supposed to be part of the class. With multilevel gameplay, enjoy all the intermittent events.

Moe! Ninja Girls Mod APK

You are the ninja, in Moe! Ninja Girls/ Sexy School. In the chilling season of cherries, you have been sent to Mizaki School, a fairy-tale location of eye-catching girls. In school, just follow your heart and do whatever you want to do. Because, at the end of the day, the story will be concluded.

Having innate love for romantic themes and a craze for adventurous experiences, make it compulsory for everyone to download Games Like Moe Ninja Girls. The multidirectional storyline of this Japanese anime game is dependent on your decisions. The modified version offers a plethora of modified features. To put everything in a nutshell, we may say that this game is all-in-one, which makes it a must-have package.

Name Moe! Ninja Girls
Size 37 MB
Publisher NTS Solmare Corp.
Version 2.2.2
Specialty Mod Unlocked
Find it on Google Play Store

Features of Moe! Ninja Girl Mod Apk Cheat Code

Get the following features in this winsome game:

Japanese-style Anime:

Japan is known as the flag-bearer of classical and lovable anime art. A two-dimensional eye-catching genre of art, where characters with aesthetically pleasing visuals, deliver certain messages. Each character has its dialogues, which collectively become a whole novel or more precisely, a visual novel. If you want to witness the climax of this Japanese-style anime art, then Moe Ninja Girls Full Album is meant for you.

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Multidirectional Storyline:

In games, particularly RPGs, the storyline is extremely rigid. The plot is already set and you just have to act on their given steps. Eventually, by doing so, the story gets terminated and you’re rewarded. Nevertheless, in this game, this stereotypical misconception will no longer haunt you. Here you’re the one who will decide how this story will end up. You have to make influential choices and decisions, which later become the conclusion of the story.


Uncountable Excellent Attires:

No one sees what we eat or drink. What everyone sees, is our appearance and this appearance can be altered by altering the attires. The more beautiful the costume one has, the more beautiful one becomes. Therefore, understanding this crucial point, neither one nor ten, but one thousand costumes are available in Moe Ninja Girls Characters. Even if you change your clothes every day, it will take you thousand days to try all of them.

Refreshing School Life:

No matter how busy or happy we are, at some point in our lives, school life hits us hard. The nostalgia of this luring life is owing to the charming and tensionless days. That’s why, regardless of your current situation, you can rewind your charming school life visually. Since your posting is in a school, where you are directed to complete the objectives, so you get a chance to get the vibes of a school student.


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Intermittent In-game Events:

In our lives, contrary to daily routine, events have much more importance. They reincarnate our lifestyle. So is the case with games, where playing game in the same style for a long period, makes it somewhat boring. Therefore, Moe! Ninja Girls Mod Apk iOS did something new, by adding particular events, in which players can earn a considerable amount of rewards (coins, diamonds, and tickets). The more you participate, the higher your account balance counts.

Key Features of Moe Ninja Girls Mod Apk

  • A plethora of conclusive endings have been further improved in this nail-biter mod.
  • All the attires are free in this mod, besides some extra costumes have also been added.
  • Free tickets and more exciting in-game events are available in this modified variation.
  • Money is going to be limitless. With this unlimited money, the players of mod are going to cruise towards victory.
  • Those premium features, for which other players pay real money, will be available free of cost.
  • The coins, with which all the shopping and upgrading run, are available in unlimited quantity.
  • It’s not feasible for such games to be free of cost. But, in this premium mod, no need to pay.
  • Soundtracks, portraits, and characters have been improved in this sumptuous RPG.
  • No need to hustle through level to level, since all the levels are unlocked readily.
  • Ads free
  • No need to be worried about the quantity of anything, because everything (minor or major) is unlimited.

Must Download, If You:

  • Love hentai games, ecchi, tsundere, harems, and waifu,
  • Are willing to date beautiful girls, but are unable to find girls
  • Want to enjoy the company of women of several personalities
  • Like to read stories and enjoy reading dialogues
  • Are fond of romance-themed movies and TV shows
  • Are crazy for two dimensional anime art in Japanese style
  • Want to establish a relationship without letting anyone know
  • Are accustomed to ninjas stories and girls in mystical settings
  • Are a shopaholic and love trying a lot of dresses
  • Like simulation, romantic, and girls’ games

FAQs About Moe! Ninja Girls Mod Apk:

Can I leave the ninja fight, before even waiting for the fight to end?

Absolutely not. One cannot leave the match in between, because other players are online in Moe Ninja Girls Mod Apk Unlimited Diamonds. However, the game can be closed and restarted.

Why are peculiar pop-ups unavoidable?

These pop-ups vary from device to device. In some devices, they can be removed and in others, they’re unavoidable. Nevertheless, changing the settings and permissions can remove these.

How many tickets can be held by me, and how much time does it take to charge a ticket?

A player cannot hold more than 5 tickets. 5 is the ultimate number, for tickets. The time for a ticket to get charged varies greatly. In some cases, it only takes a few moments, whereas in other cases, it takes hours. Primarily, it depends on the quality of the internet connection and some other factors.

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