Mini Militia God MOD Apk 5.4.0 (Unlimited Money/ Health)

There are two kinds of players existing in the whole world. One who plays games for recreation and another those who have become addicted to their favourite games. Mini militia god mod is an outstanding recreation as well as an addictive game for its players. It is an action game that is inspired by the game Minimi. It is a top-rated multiplayer game that can be played both online and offline. Mini Militia Mod Apk (unlimited money and cash) was officially published in 2015 for android and in 2018 for PC and iOS.

Mini Militia God Mod Apk

Mini militia god mod which is also recognized as Doodle Army 2 is an action game in which two distinct players play against each other as their adversaries in the numerous anti-gravity areas. It is still famous among its worldwide players due to its remarkable features that encompass competitive multiplayer, decent graphics and sound system. Destroying your opponents with a single sprout, saving your playing history on your Google account and many other features will make it amazing. It offers a broad range of characters, weapons and locations.

The major objective of the players is to eradicate their all adversaries and protect themselves from their rivals. You have to survive as long as feasible. You have to destroy your all rivals and accumulate the coins and gems fell by them. You can use these coins and gems to boost your players. The control system of the Mini militia god mod apk free download is so easy. You can easily move your characters and make them fire to your opponents simply by clicking on the buttons present on the screen.

Name Mini Militia God mod apk
Category Action
Size 42MB
Version 5.4.0
Special Feature Unlimited money, unlimited health and ammo
Price Free
Get it on Google Playstore

Conserves Your Progress

Mini militia can conserve your progress even after uninstalling the game. It saves your progress on your Google account. So when the players launch this game on another device with the same Google account, they can play their games from where they left last time. It is an impressive and remarkable feature of the mini militia hack mod apk download which is not usually proposed by other action games.

Multi-Player Game

It is a multiplayer game in which players can compete against their foes. Their foes maybe their friends or foreigners. The players can create their team with the other players present in distinct parts of the world. They can play as an individual player and can also play the game by serving as a member of a particular team. The six players can play at a time in a multiplayer online mode. But in LAN it allows 12 players to enroll in multiplayer mode.

Endless Health And Ammo

The players don’t need to purchase numerous weapons to use against their adversaries because the mini militia god mod apk download offers you unconditional health and ammo. Players can also safeguard themselves from their rivals’ attacks by using the guarding shields. Players can also catch a glimpse of their rivals’ health by the health meter present in the game.

Automatically Strike Your Adversaries

In a mini militia god mod players can automatically eradicate their adversaries by directing their weapons precisely at their adversaries. They can also exterminate their adversaries by directing their weapons at their opponents with the weapons zooming capacity of 7x in manual mode.

Eradicate Your Rivals In Single Shoot

Mini Militia God mod apk free download offers its players the feature to destroy their adversaries with a single shoot only. Now the players don’t have to fire several times to exterminate their rivals. They can simply destroy their rivals with a single perfect shot.

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Features of Mini Militia MOD Apk Pro Pack

  • Interesting storyline and effective gameplay
  • Online with non-mod user players. So they can effortlessly win against their rivals due to the endless features.
  • It enables its players to fly over barriers.
  • It is an anti-gravity game that offers endless jets. So players can fly without any gravity.
  • You can also go to the ghost mode in multiplayer mode after your downfall to support your team members.
  • It provides all the pro features to its players. So you don’t need to spend your precious money. By downloading the mini militia god mod apk you can enjoy the premium features without spending your real money.

How to Install Mini Militia God Mod Apk?

The players can easily install the mini militia god mod within two steps. In the first step, we have to download this app on your device. In the next step, you have to simply install it.


  • Open the page from where you want to download this app.
  • Locate the download button on this page. Tap to download it on your device.
  • After a few seconds, the game is downloaded to your device.


  • Open your file manager.
  • Locate the downloaded mini militia in your file manager. Tap to install it.
  • After a few seconds, the icon of the app is appearing on the screen of your device.
  • Tap to open it and complete the instructions given in the game and enjoy it.


The Mini Militia God Mod is a prominent action game that conserves its players’ history, destroys their opponents in a single shot, and comes with limitless ammo, health, money and coins. It is downloaded more than 10 million times on the Google play store. It is a recreation and addictive game that’s why it is yet famous among its players. If you are an action cherishing gamer then you will probably like this game.


Why I should download the mini militia god mod menu apk?

If you loved to play mini militia apk then you should try mini militia god mod because it comes with limitless money, limitless jets, untied all levels and all premium features. Unlike the original game, in its modified version you don’t need to purchase anything in this game.

On which devices does it run smoothly?

It runs on all android devices of version 4.4  or above it.

How many levels are present in this game?

There are nearly 21 levels in this game. Players will probably enjoy each level. They will also win exciting rewards on fulfilling each level.

Is it an online and offline game?

It can be played both online and offline. But its majority of levels are played online and usually, players like to play it in competitive multiplayer online mode.

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