hotel hideaway mod apk unlimited money

Hotel hideaway mod apk is a thrilling, role-playing game that has around 13 million players are using from worldwide. It empowers its players with the chance to build their imaginative room to show their creativity globally, and enjoy themselves with their friends by playing mini-games with each other. It was broadcasted on 27th April 2018 worldwide.

Hotel Hideaway Mod Apk New Version

Hotel Hideaway mod apk is an entertainment game in which players enjoy the game while articulating with each other. Play with your friends from all over the world by inviting them. Hotel Hideaway comes with distinguished 3D graphics and customization of different items. It has unlimited costumes which are adequate almost for every occasion. You can create your room as per your desire, a well-decorated room with deluxe items to make parties with your friends. Moreover, you can a simple rozom remote from the mob of people only for your peace of mind. It is a fun game and you loved it if you like entertainment games.

Hotel Hideaway Mod APK Unlimited Money

Name Hotel Hideaway Mod Apk
Publisher Sulake Corporation Oy
Category Role-playing
Size 77 MB
Version 3.43.1
Special Feature Unlimited coins /diamonds
Price Free
Get it on Google Play Store

Features of hotel hideaway mod apk

Avatar Customization

By using the feature of avatar customization, the player can reflect their creativity globally. You can develop their avatars virtually like them by using a vast range of outfits, hairstyles, makeup, and jewelry. You can also name their avatars according to their will and they can articulate with other players through this avatar.

Stay Connected With Friends Globally

Make friends globally, communicate with each other and analyze the game together. The players can invite their friends to their parties, play games with their friends, and win prizes by fulfilling the daily multiple challenges. By making new friends, you can become a prominent immigrant in the game. The players can also send gifts to their friends.

Hotel Hideaway Mod APK New Version

Room Customization

The users will able to customize their rooms according to their design taste by using a variety of deluxe furniture, colours, and themes. The players can carry an impressive fan list by decorating their rooms and avatars superbly. In the hotel hideaway mod menu, decorating items are upgraded every new week. So, players have the opportunity to customize their rooms and avatars with new deluxe items every week.

The players can buy deluxe items with the coins. They can earn the coins by accomplishing their daily missions present in the hotel hideaway. With this feature of the game, players can customize their imagination rooms according to their design sense and they can arrange parties for their friends in their well-decorated rooms. In this way, players can enjoy themselves with their friends globally, especially in times of Covid -19.

Hotel Hideaway Cheats 2023

3D Social Life

It provides a 3D social life to its players. In the hotel hideaway mod apk download, you can find the 3D colourful avatars as your representative in the game. You can meet, chat and play with the competent players present in the whole world. You can also become a part of the function organized by your friends.

Hotel Hideaway Mod APK (Unlimited Coins and Diamonds)

Endless Amazing Mini-games

It offers amazing mini-games to its players. In their free time, players can play these mini-games with their friends and win incredible rewards.

Synchronization Between Different Devices

Usually, the games are not empowering the feature of synchronizing the data of games in more than one device which is a big problem for players. Here you can synchronize the game data on several devices. So, players can play the games from where they left the game recently. In this way, the hotel hideaway wins the heart of its players.

Hotel hideaway secret rooms

A perfect way to surprise your special someone. Whether you want to surprise them with a romantic getaway or just need some extra space for an overnight stay, these hidden gems provide the perfect backdrop for whatever type of adventure you have in mind. Hidden away in various locations around the world, these secret rooms offer a wealth of amenities, from luxury bedding to private terraces with breathtaking views. With so many options available, you’ll be sure to find the perfect hideaway for your special occasion.

Hotel hideaway gestures list

1. Thumbs Up: a universal sign of approval and enthusiasm. Use it to show appreciation or agreement with someone else’s idea.

2. OK Sign: To signify that something is all right, use your thumb and index finger together to make an “O” shape, sometimes referred to as the “circle game”.

3. Hand Wave: which is used to greet people or say goodbye. It’s also a way to tell someone they are not welcome and should move away from you.

4. Pointing Finger: While this gesture can be seen as rude, it is often used in a helpful way by pointing out something specific.

5. Fist Pump: a sign of excitement and celebration. It’s a great way to show enthusiasm for something or someone.

6. Thumbs Down: This gesture expresses disapproval or disagreement with an idea, person, or thing. Avoid using this around children as it can be seen as negative behavior.

7. High Five: a way to show appreciation and celebrate success with someone. It’s also an easy way to greet friends or family members when you haven’t seen them in a while.

8. Peace Sign: used as a sign of peace, friendship, and goodwill between people. It can also be used in a playful way to show someone is joking.

9. Clapping: Clapping is another sign of celebration or appreciation, often seen at the end of performances and speeches.

10. Hugging: used as a sign of affection and comfort between people who know each other well or have a close relationship. It’s also a great way to greet someone if both parties are comfortable with it.

11. Praying Hands: to show respect or reverence for something or someone, often seen in religious settings or when thanking someone you admire.

12. Fingers Crossed: a sign of wishing someone luck or hoping for something to happen. It’s also often used as a superstitious gesture to ward off bad luck.

13. Patting: to show comfort and support, often seen as a form of consolation when someone has experienced a difficult situation.

14. Applause: a sign of appreciation and respect, often seen at the end of performances or speeches. It’s also a great way to show enthusiasm for someone or something.

15. Thumbs Up and Down: a gesture can be used in a playful way to indicate agreement or disagreement with an idea, usually done with both thumbs up or down simultaneously.

16. Pointing with Both Index Fingers: to indicate something specific, often seen when someone is trying to explain a concept or give instructions.

17. Putting Two Fingers Together and Wiggling Them: usually used to indicate that something needs to be taken care of or that someone needs to pay attention.

18. Salute: a sign of respect, usually done when acknowledging authority figures such as military officers and other high ranking people.

19. Handshake: used to show respect, friendship, and goodwill between two people who are meeting for the first time. It’s also a great way to greet someone you know well.

20. Thumb Twiddling: often used when someone is deep in thought or trying to make a decision, usually done with the thumb twiddled between the index and middle fingers.

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Key Feature of Hotel Hideaway MOD Apk

The hotel hideaway mod apk mod menu comes with:

  • Unlimited diamonds
  • Unlimited coins
  • Free of cost
  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ad
  • Unlocked all premium features
  • Easy installation

Hotel hideaway 3.42.4 update

– Hotel Hideaway: Virtual World –

  • New avatar customization
  • No restriction
  • Minor bug fixes

How to Download Hotel Hideaway Mod Apk?

  1. Click on the download button to download it on your mobile.
  2. Allow the unspecified sources in your mobile by going to security setting if your mobile creates any problem while downloading this game
  3. After a few minutes, the apk is downloaded to your phone. Open the file manager on your phone and find the downloaded app.
  4. Tap to install it. After a few seconds, the icons of the app is appearing on the screen.
  5. Tap to open and enjoy the game.


Hotel hideaway mod apk is an online, popular role-playing game having wonderful features such as avatar customization, room customization, connection with friends globally, endless mini-games, and a 3D social life. It offers unlimited coins, unlimited money, unlimited diamonds, and an ad-free gaming experience. So, players can use this unlimited money and diamonds to show their talent by building their rooms and avatars worthwhile.


Is the hotel hideaway mod apk new version free?

Yes, the hotel hideaway mod apk happy mode is entirely free. You can easily install it on your mobile without paying money.

How can we delete our avatar in the hotel hideaway mod apk 2023?

Open the Me Tab and go to the avatar section and click on the avatar you want to delete. You can see the debris bin on the top left corner of the screen, here you have to confirm your deletion. In this way, the players can easily delete their avatars.

Is the hotel hideaway mod apk secret room ad-free?

Yes, it is a completely ad-free game which is an impressive feature of the hotel hideaway app.

What are the goals of concerts in hotel hideaway?

The goal of the concerts that happened in the hotel hideaway is to permit its players to explore the wonderful musicians globally. The players can also enjoy themselves with their friends during these concerts.

What are the special features of the hotel hideaway online?

The special features of this MOD include:

  • Unlimited diamonds/coins
  • Unlimited money
  • No Ad
  • Unlocked all premium features
  • Free of cost
  • Easy installation

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