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In this modern era, nearly all of us possess a smartphone with multiple applications installed for multitasking. But sometimes our device performance decreases or becomes completely hanged due to some heavy and background operating applications that seem hectic. If you are also one of those who want to manage all the installed apps on your device completely according to their preferences then try Greenify Pro Apk.

An outstanding launch of the Oasis Feng, which facilitates its users to regulate applications on their devices according to their priorities. By using this unique tool you can use your device smoothly like the first day of your purchase.

Greenify Pro Apk

Greenify Donation Apk Pro is a well-known tool for android users that restrains unnecessary applications from draining your device battery. It will help you to identify the heavy as well as background operating applications that are slowing down your device performance. While using any particular application on your device Greenify works in the background of your device to provide a better experience.

Uninstall all the unnecessary background operating applications from your device which are continuously slowing down your device’s speed as well as draining your battery quickly.

greenify pro apk latest version


A remarkable feature of this unique application is it does not apply alarm to your integral background activities i.e. messages and emails. Customize its setting according to your preferences by moving to the setting.

Permit the quick screen-off option and automated hibernation to enhance your device’s performance instantly. By enabling these features you can save your device battery to great extent.

Greenify App facilitates its users to review the app information to control it properly. In addition, it gives you a report about all applications’ performances installed on your device that will be beneficial for you to stop the bad ones.

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To access the packed features of the Greenify Apk Pro, you must have to purchase its premium plan. But by downloading from this source, you will enjoy its premium features freely. There is no need to root your device because it runs smoothly on rooted as well as the non-rooted device. But you must have an android device of version 5.0 or above it for smooth performance.

In short, Greenify Pro Apk is an impressive android management tool to regulate your device performance.

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