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Life simulation can be found in Episode mod apk unlimited gems and passes download, which is the facsimile of the original app, but with some additional features. Primarily, it’s a set of the online visual novel, where the story is in the hands of the reader. We may call it a dating app since virtual dates are also part of this game. Besides, one can play it online as well as offline.

Episode Mod Apk Unlimited Gems and Passes Download

Episode mod apk is a top-notch game by Episode Interactive. A slew of interesting stories with a winsome set of characters is available online as well as offline. Each story revolves around a certain genre, which may not be altered. The stories are not common, rather they’re known as interactive stories, where interaction is cardinal. One finds oneself immersed in the story’s settings and making several choices further emancipates the barriers of the rigid storyline. The simplicity, along with high-end features make up the excellent combination. In-app purchases make it more dignified and winsome, available for free in the mod.

Name Episode Mod Apk
Size 80 MB
Publisher Episode Interactive
Version 23.62
Rated For 12+ Years
Specialty Unlimited Gems and Passes
Find it on Google Play Store

Features of Episode Mod Apk Premium Choices

Find the following features in this jaw-dropping game:

Your Character, Your Choice:

In this game, when you start a story, you will be offered to choose a character. Usually, there are two major characters and one is thoroughly free to choose any of these two. There is neither protagonist nor an antagonist. You and your choices will be the turning point of the story in Episode++ Download. It means, that from the character of your choice to the direction of the story, each step is dependent on you.

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Hundreds of Diversified Stories:

Typically, what happens, is we buy a novel and read the story. There is only one story in one novel, where several characters are involved. After reading once or twice, there remains no value for that novel. On the other hand, Episode Apk is a compact form of the novel containing 150,000 stories. It’s almost impossible to give a read to all of these superb stories. Furthermore, you can also craft your own.

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A Community Awaits:

The community of people is defined by the work they do. For instance a community of doctors or a community of drug addicts. In such special community, everyone does the same job. Akin to this, there’s a community of visual novel readers, which you will be joining soon after the installation of Episode Mod Apk Gems and Passes. Engage, inquire, and explain your ideas with this aristocratic community, where you will be warmly welcomed.

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Your Dream Role in the Life:

It is excruciating that we all have dreamt of something, which never actualizes. Some want to be a singer, whereas some desire to be influencers. Everyone, according to one’s desire, craves for a particular role in life. Regardless of your real life, now you can relish yourself in your favorite role in this online virtual world. There are hundreds of stories and you can choose any character of your choice from the story and continue the story with that.

Change the Direction of Wind:

It’s going to be extremely engaging, seeing your Romeo turning into an antagonist. Yes, that’s right, since you can alter the roles of the characters, with your impactful decisions. Episode Mod Apk Free Premium Choices allows you to hold the command of the story, so that you may take the story, wherever you want to. In original app, such choices are paid, whereas in this Apk file, they’re free of cost.

What’s New?

  • A maiden story, “Love on Fire” is going to allow you have real-time fun in five star luxury apartment on a beach with some beautiful girls.
  • From now on, there are several book-reading groups, where many challenges can be found. Choose the group of your choice and enjoy collective reading.
  • The tale of a handsome prince of Castille, has been included in the game. You can try your luck in winning his heart to complete the story.
  • Bugs, pop-ups and other minor issues have also been resolved in this bottommost version

Why I Choose Episode Mod Apk?

  • Unlimited Gems – Find unlimited gems in this cracked variation of the game and stand out of the crowd of other readers in Episode Game.
  • Unlimited Passes – The importance of passes can be guessed through their unavailability. However, here, in this mod, they are unlimited.
  • Limitless Shopping – Comply with fashion and do as much as possible for your character, because shopping is limitless.
  • Unlimited Followers – The hardest part – gaining stardom and followers – is a doddle in this mod, where followers are limitless.
  • Royal Choices – Those choices, which are only available to those, who pay real money, are available free of cost, in this mod.
  • Ads Free – The only irritating factor in free games, the advertisement, is not going to disrupt your relishing story reading.
  • Anti Ban – Even if the government of your country has barred you from using this, through this mod, you will be able to play it.


How can I halt online in-game purchases?

Once you initiate the purchasing process, it would continue to renew purchases. To halt or stop such spontaneous purchases, you’re supposed to set a PIN code. In this way, for every renewal, your consent will become necessary.

Out of a slew of tales, which are the top 5?

The top ranking varies from person to person, depending on the taste and nature of the reader. However, according to the official firm, the following stories are prominent:

  • Feel Me
  • Private Lessons
  • Behind His Mask
  • Operation: Quarterback
  • Between The Two Billionaires

Will this mod be installed in the same manner as the original?

No, this mod is available in the form of an apk file. You will have to download it, custom-wise and then install it manually. Make sure that “Unknown Sources” and other security systems do not halt the installation.

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