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Google Earth Pro is a sort of premium version of the world’s first navigation tool, which entertains real pictures. With a total area of 510 million kilometres square, planet earth is undoubtedly one of the most gigantic planets in the universe. To navigate this voluminous planet, one only needs to download google earth pro. Since here all the satellite-captured images and media files are accessible. Whether you need a tour guide or just want to discover places, this app is quite suitable. With sumptuous features of it, ice is added to this cake.

Features of Google Earth Pro for android

Download google earth pro on android, to use these features are given:

Calculated Advanced Data

Google always adheres to calculations and logic. That is the reason, from Google Maps to Google Earth, everything entry is well measured. The view of any street or terrain is based on real world measurements. So that you can measure either your vehicle will be able to park or not. Akin to this, hundreds of other elements are staunchly measured and calculated.

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History of Any Terrain

Things change with the passage of time. And inquisitiveness of man compels him to crave for past and future of that particular object. This aspiration is going to be fulfilled if you install Google Earth Pro. Because here one can visit an entire timeline of the same building. So you can see how your locality used to look like about ten years earlier.

Marvellously Aligned Layers

The data is not just arbitrarily available, rather it is extremely aligned and layered. Choosing any particular layer will eliminate all other types of data. There are three primary layers: demographics, traffic, and parcels. In the very first layer, information about the population of the selected terrain is portrayed. Similarly, other layers perform their functions like cautioning and informing about the traffic.

Downloadable Bulk Data

Downloading data from Google Earth Pro Online is perhaps the easiest. No other platform can beat this feature since it rules here. Your single tap on the screen will save over 2500 addresses to your device. Entire spreadsheets, when get saved, are utilized for a plethora of activities.

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Enchanting Media Quality

Think of something else if you’re thinking that media quality is not going to be up to the mark. Because media quality is up to 1920×1080. Surprisingly, all such videos and audio can be downloaded easily. In your Windows Media Player, all the files get saved instantly.

Jaw-dropping 360° View

360° view is sort of something that drops the jaws of everyone. If anyone enables this view, it directly lands one inthat place. Then the app performs the functions of a simulator. You will find yourself as the protagonist of that simulator, as everything in 360° view is quite real.

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How much bucks do I have to spend to get Google Earth Pro Latest Version?

There is no monthly or weekly fee for this pro version. Because Google Inc. charges a few bucks once a year. Nevertheless, now that the annual fee has also been terminated and now it’s free of cost.

What’s the difference between Google Maps and Google Earth?

There are several differences between Google Maps and Google Earth. The former works only with an internet connection, while the latter can be used offline too. For directions, Maps is fine but for visuals, Earth seems superior.

After Google Earth Download, which permissions do I need to grant?

Besides some secondary permissions, there are three primary permissions. Location, storage, and network are the most crucial ones. Neither of them menaces security or privacy in any form.

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