Introduction to Cricbuzz

Cricbuzz, a pioneer in cricket updates, has been catering to the cricketing community since [year]. With its user-friendly interface and real-time updates, it has become the go-to platform for cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

2. Real-time Live Cricket Scores and Commentary

Never be out of the loop during a cricket match again. Cricbuzz provides minute-by-minute live scores and ball-by-ball commentary, keeping you engaged and informed throughout the game. To follow the game as if you’re at the stadium, simply visit our website or use our app.

3. Comprehensive Coverage of Cricket News

Stay informed about the latest happenings in the cricket world with Cricbuzz’s comprehensive news coverage. From match previews to post-match analyses, we bring you the most relevant and up-to-date cricket news.

4. In-depth Player Statistics and Match Analysis

For those who crave more than just scores, Cricbuzz offers in-depth player statistics and insightful match analysis. Get a deeper understanding of player performance, batting averages, bowling figures, and much more.

5. Instant Match Highlights for the Cricket Enthusiast

Relive the excitement of the match with our instant highlights. Whether it’s a stunning catch, a game-changing six, or a crucial wicket, Cricbuzz compiles the highlights that matter, so you never miss a pivotal moment.


How to Implement Each Step:

  1. Introduction to Cricbuzz: Introduce the platform’s history, credibility, and its significance in the cricketing world.
  2. Real-time Live Cricket Scores and Commentary: Provide step-by-step instructions on accessing live scores and commentary via the website or app.
  3. Comprehensive Coverage of Cricket News: Explain how users can access various news sections, including match previews, post-match analysis, and player interviews.
  4. In-depth Player Statistics and Match Analysis: Guide users on navigating to player profiles, interpreting statistics, and understanding match analysis reports.
  5. Instant Match Highlights for the Cricket Enthusiast: Describe how to find and enjoy match highlights, whether through the website’s dedicated section or the app’s features.

By following these simple steps, cricket enthusiasts can make the most of Cricbuzz’s features and stay updated with their favorite sport like never before.

Cricbuzz app details:

2.08M reviews
Content rating

Rated for 3+

About this app

⚡️ Superfast scores and commentary
💬 Highly engaging and entertaining ball-by-ball commentary
🔔 Notifications for live matches and breaking news
📝 Latest cricket news and editorials
📅 Schedules of upcoming matches
🎬 Exclusive video content
📈 Rankings, Stats and Records
🏆 Special content for major tournaments like ICC Cricket World Cup, T20 World Cup, Champions Trophy, IPL etc
🌍 Extensive coverage of all International cricket, IPL, BBL, CPL, Natwest T20 Blast and other major cricket tournaments across the world. Tons of domestic cricket coverage too.

Cricbuzz App may request you permissions for the following

We need this to locally store some data like images when you are using the app. This helps us minimize data uage and also make the experience fast and fluid.

We need this to automatically populate your Gmail Id when you try to send us feedback.

We need this to curate our content and show you the most relevant content on some sections of the App. eg: Matches, videos, news etc on Home screen. We will also use this for advertising purposes.

Updated on
Aug 10, 2023


Ananta Pradhan

August 13, 2023

It is good but there are two problems that I find often while using this app those are as follows 1.Automatic dark mode or light mode is not available. 2.Another one is bowling report means we remain unaware of starting point of bowling and ending point of bowling. So I urge you to please fix this problem if possible… And other contents are very nice 👍👍👍.
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SheshadiRi Padmanabhan

August 13, 2023

I can’t apply filter in any series.. For eg.. On the ongoing IND vs WI series, if I want to see the stats it only shows the test series and even if I select ODI / T20, it only shows the stats of test series.. It needs to be changed in the upcoming update
64 people found this review helpful
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August 14, 2023
Hey, we have fixed the issue in the latest version 6.06.09. It should be working fine now. If you’re still facing the issue, kindly drop us an email at


August 24, 2023

Ridiculous app. with so many advts. with no option to turn them off while they are being displayed or after they have finished playing. At times the score card of matches too doesn’t refresh
24 people found this review helpful
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By Colin

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