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BIMA X mod apk is a free game, which is equally available for all operating systems and devices. Based on a TV show, people can opt for their favourite characters (heroes as well as villains) from the show and tussle with their enemies. Based on two primary modes, it can be played online as well as offline, depending on the choice of the gamer.

Overview of BIMA X APK

You must have played those classical games, where two fighters would fight with each other and their powers would appear on the top of the screen. Tekken and Street Fighters are some of examples of such games, which established their sensational values among people. BIMA-X is also one of such games, as you will have to choose your fighter and then fight your opponent in extremely competitive matches. But the twist here is that the characters are not ordinary ones, rather they possess reverence and fame owing to their shows. There is a famous Indonesian television show, which is more like an international show, because it has been aired in a slew of countries. There are different heroes in this show and each one of those heroes will be under your control.

The gameplay of BIMA X Apk New Version is not much different from other traditional fighting games like Tekken etcetera. However, there are some additional elements in this new game too, which can never be found in its counterparts. For instance, one can collect some valuable items, which are unavailable in fighting games. Moreover, people enjoy more authority via customization than other games. Additionally, one can alter the level of difficulty with various standards. Difficulty levels range from easy to hyper, where easy is the basic level whereas hyper stands at the acme. Normal, hard, and super are also some levels of mediocre range. Depending on your experience and skills, you had better choose the best possible level to suit your desire.

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Features of BIMA-X Apk

The following features are lavishly praised:

An Established TV Show

TV shows hold extremely sensational values in almost all cultures and geographical territories. Some shows get hit at the national level, while for other shows, there are no national borders. Such shows are universally loved and accepted all over the world. “Satria Garuda BIMA-X” is one of such television shows, which initially released in Indonesia, but soon became an international sensation. Like ‘ Power Rangers’ this show entertains the viewers with magnificent action. Bimax App is a terrific game, which is inspired by this TV show.

Bima Satria Garuda X

Apply Different Skins

Mainly, robot-like characters hold topmost positions in this game, where they are distinguished by their skins or attires. No other way can differentiate one character from the other and this indicates that skins are crucial in this game. That’s why, players will be given access to a plethora of skins, where some are premium and other are free. Premium skins are rare and more excellent than free skins. However, to one’s wonder, dozens of skins can be applied to a single character in BIMA-X App.


Story and Versus Mode

Primarily, there are two sumptuous ways to give this game, a go. First is to initiate story mode, where players will be following a particular story sequence. This mode proceeds in ascending order, as players have to fight with easy enemies, who become powerful with the passage of time. Fighting again and again with enemies, will also disclose a story, which cannot be resisted at all. On the other hand, there is also a versus mode, in which other online players (who may be your friends, family members, or some strangers) will give you a tough time winning the game.

BIMA X Unlock All Character

Extremely Compatible

In Android, one of the major flaw in games is that they are mostly incompatible with devices. But this incompatibility is not revealed before downloading or installing the game. It means one has to suffer through the downloading process and in the end, game simply doesn’t work. This is not the case in BIMA-X, where game is designed in such a manner that there is no way that it won’t work in any device. As far as Apple users are concerned, they already know whether a game would run or not.

Spectacular Visuals with Engaging Controls

Whether it is TV show or a game, the colour scheme is irresistibly scintillating and beautiful, which lures everyone in less than no time. The spectacular visuals become more vivid, when sparkling effects are unleashed during fights. Moreover, controls are as easy as a joystick. They are arranged in such a manner that people can easily relax their fingers on the screen while fighting their enemies. Such comfortableness, as well as effectiveness, can only be found in BIMA X.

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Bima X MOD APK Features

  • Never get tired of fighting your enemies, and overpower all of your foes.
  • Play like a VIP player with this mode and enjoy jaw-dropping extra awards and special opportunities.
  • Updates faster than the simple one and has much more efficiency to bring rare machines to the game.
  • No need to participate in weekly competitions to earn a meager reward, because players will be given weekly competition awards, without doing anything.
  • Unlike simple version, where players have to unlock all the players, in BIMA X Mod every character will be at your disposal.
  • There is special reward, known as ‘Welcome Bonus’ which are only given to new gamers. But in this mod, players will be enjoying the bonus on every turn.
  • With BIMA X Mod Apk Unlimited Money, receive daily coins unconditionally and improve your hero.


Who is the primary enemy of the heroes in BIMA-X?

Well, there is not a single enemy, whom one could name. An entire organization, known as VUDO, is the enemy of these heroes, and the one who leads this organization is none, but Rasputin. So Rasputin can be claimed as the primary enemy.

What are the primary characters in this game?

Rena Iskander, Randy Iskander, Ray Bramasakti, Noir, Reza Bramasakti, and hundreds of other primary characters will be available in this game and performing their roles magnificently.

What should be the minimum range of operating systems?

BIMA-X will never run on any android device with a lower OS than 4.3. However, at times, even if a device has a higher android version, it doesn’t work. In that case, developers should be consulted and informed about the matter.


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