Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod APK 1.39.2 (Unlimited Money)

Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod Apk is a popular launch of the PikPokin where you have to strive against your competitors in horse racing to see horse racing and bet on their favorite ones to win a huge prize.

Where to start Rival Stars Horse Racing APK?

Rival Stars Horse Racing is a prominent horse racing game where you have to compete with your opponents to become a true champion. Initially, you will own some money by which you have to purchase a horse. After collecting a particular amount of money you can purchase several horses. Take care of your horses appropriately in the stable and train them properly to compete with the champions. As you learn the gameplay then enroll in epic racing tournaments to show your racing skills in front of the whole world and receive huge rewards. Also, breed different species of horses to become unique ones.

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How to Play Rival Stars Horse Racing?

The Rival Stars Horse Racing Free is held on a smooth track that challenges the speed of horses. To become a champion is crucial to grasp its controls first. On the right side of the screen, you will get two buttons (sprint and slow). Utilize these keys to increase or decrease your speed. Swipe to the particular side to change your horse’s direction. If you want to stimulate your speed quickly at the final stages then filled your energy bar and hold on to the sprint key. To fill your energy bar quickly, click on the slow-down key to soothe your horse.

In this way, the energy bar available on the top of the screen will be filled quickly. See your distance to your closest opponent by using the mini-map accessible at the top of the screen. By manipulating this minimap you can also detect the distance to your destination. If you want to glimpse behind, then employ the camera icon available on the screen to alter the camera angle.

Upgraded Features of Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod APK

Take Care of Your Horses

Possess some money that you have to utilize to buy a horse namely Spirit for nearly 1000 coins. It is the cheapest horse in the Rival Stars Horse. After earning some money you can purchase more horses. Take care of your horses appropriately in your stable. Feed them properly because your victory depends on them same like baseball 9

Rival Stars Horse Racing Hack Mod APK

Train Your Horses

Hire a trainer to train your horses and make them unbeatable by upgrading their potential to maximum levels. The stat of horses will be increased after gaining each victory. You can also increase your horse’s stats by training them. But remember you cannot choose those horses for competing who are in training.

Download Rival Stars Horse Racing (MOD, Weak Opponents)

Build Horse Ranch

Construct an elegant horse ranch by utilizing the money you earned as a reward and taking care of your horses properly on the ranch. With the passage of time also upgrades your ranch to make it more beautiful and make your horses happy.

Compete Globally

Rival stars Horse Racing Cheats allows you to play with your friends throughout the world. Just invite your friends and then enroll in its online modes. Also give challenges to the champions globally and show your racing skills to become a true champion.

Remember each horse occupies distinct characteristics, appearance, pedigree history, and states. So choose the best horse depending on their stats and pedigree history while competing with the champions.

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Breed the Rare Species

Get rare species of horses. Breed two distinct kinds of horses to get an expensive horse species with great speed and endurance. For breeding, you just have to select two distinct types of horses possessing some unique characters and then click on the breed. After that particular time, you will get a new baby horse that contains the qualities of both horses.

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What You Will Get in Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod APK?

Rival Stars is the cracked variant of this game. In its modded variant you will enjoy some supplementary features of the game. Its modded features encompass:

Infinite Money:

Like other mod apks, the rival stars horse racing also proposes infinite money. Manipulate this infinite money to maximize the potential and stats of your horses. Also, purchase the exclusive species of horses by using the unlimited money of its mod apk.

Unlimited Gold:

To purchase and upgrade some equipment gold is necessary. You can not purchase merely with money. But you don’t have to worry because the Rival Stars Horse Racing Apk Mod proposes unlimited gold. Utilize these infinite golds to purchase exclusive horses.

Weak Opponents:

A fascinating mod feature of this game is its weak opponents. By installing its mod version you can beat your weak competitors easily and retain your championship.

Ad Free:

Unlike its official app, you don’t have to watch even a single ad. You can enjoy its premium features flawlessly on your device completely ad-free which is a fascinating feature of this mod apk.

Free To Download:

The decent feature of the Rival Stars Horse Racing Hack which attracts its users to great extent is it is completely free to download.


  • An android device comprising an operating system of version 6.0 or above it.
  • Its size is approximately 695 MB. But for its smooth performance, you may have a free space of 1 GB on your device.


Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod Apk is an outstanding horse racing game where you have to take care of your horses and train them properly to become a champion. Also, breed them to get some rare species. In short, it is a superb game for those who love horse racing. Download it by merely dabbing on the download link available at the bottom.

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