EvoCreo Mod Apk 1.9.13 (Unlimited Money) All Avatar Unlocked

Are you in love with role-playing games? If yes then try EvoCreo Mod Apk which is one of the best role-playing game launched by infinity. Dive into the world of zenith where you have to discover different creos while exploring the distinct locations. Capture maximum creos and train them to win exclusive battles with your rivals. Upgrade your creos by accomplishing new levels and examining their combatting powers in the impressive challenges.

What is Evocreo Pocket Monster Apk?

Wants to join an arena, Download Evocreo where you will find yourself in the exhilarating world of the Zenith. Explore dozens of creatures possessing distinct powers called creo. Some people of the zenith capture these creos, train them, become their friends, and evolve them nicely. They employ their creos powers for decent motives. On the other hand, some people of the zenith cap the creos and wish to utilize their powers for their objectives irrespective of true or wrong. They enslave their creos and want to dominate the world with their creos powers. In this game, the true evokers have to stand against the bad powers, who want to dominate the world with their creos abilities. You have to fight against these people to secure the creos.

Begin your journey by finding epic creos by entering them into exclusive battles against bad powers. If you are a fan of the famous game Armed Heist, then you should try. Try it once it will be a great experience for you.

What is EvoCreo Mod Apk

A modified release of its basic app version that offers unlocked features like: Infinite money, Unlimited gems, Unlocked all levels, and Ad-free experience. In its standard app if you want to enjoy its premium features then you have to purchase its subscription but by downloading the EvoCreo MOD, you can enjoy its premium features for free. Due to its mod features several gamers prefer its mod apk rather than its standard app.

Features of Evocreo Mod Apk

Let’s take a glance at the remarkable features of the EvoCreo Mod Apk Max Level which has crossed 50K downloads on the Google Play Store due to its striking features.

Combat with Shadow Hive in Epic Battles

Join battles with the shadow hive in exclusive battles to protect the creos. The Shadow Hive wants to enslave all the creos to dominate the whole world. You have to fight against them with your epic creos to safeguard other creos. Disclose your creo power and use it properly in the exciting battles against the Shadow Hive. Upgrade your creos to make them stronger. You may also like to play Dragon Hills Mod Apk 2023

Find Out Numerous Species

Find distinct creos while exploring the world of zenith. During your journey, you will find different types of creos that possess distinct powers depending upon the location they are inhabited. You will find almost 130 distinct creos during your journey. Each creo possesses distinct power which makes it different from others. To capture a creo and train them properly is a difficult task for you but you have to do it consciously to accomplish your task.

evocreo mod apk unlimited money & health

Exciting Multiplayer Game

They offer many multiplayer game that you can play with your friends in an online mode. You can also team up with your friends in the thrilling challenges to beat the bosses. So why are you waiting? Enjoy this stunning role-playing action game with your friends and become a champion.

evocreo mod apk unlimited money and gems

Explore Zenith by Using a Stunning Map

Analyze the zenith with the help of the stunning map to discover stunning creos. Also, combat with the Shadow Hive in epic realistic locations of the zenith. Combat your rivals with your epic creos in the frozen ice, gloaming forest, volcanic cliffs, etc to confront a unique experience every time. You May Also Like: Armed Heist Mod Apk Unlocked

Challenge Your Friends in PvP

You can challenge your friends and other players in PVP fights. By combating the legends become the champion and prove yourself a master of this game with your battling skills and strategies.

evocreo full version mod apk unlimited everything

Unlimited Money

Upgrade your creos and purchase exclusive items with unlimited money. Unlike in its standard app where you have to accomplish various tasks to earn money. It is difficult to purchase exclusive items in its standard app because you require a lot of money to buy exclusive items. But by downloading the mod version of the EvoCreo Apk you can easily purchase them irrespective of limited money.

Key Point of EvoCreo Mod Apk Max Level

  • While exploring the world of zenith you meet different people, make new friends and incorporate into distinct stories.
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS devices and runs on all android devices of version 7.0 or above it.
  • Stunning colored Graphics and fascinating background music. The creos look vibrant and enhance its graphics to great extent.
  • Able to start it on your new device from where you left last time by just logging in with the account you linked to the game.
  • Using EvoCreo Cheats, you can alter your creos appearance to enhance your creos powers.
  • Use various items in the battle to increase the Hp of your creos and enhance their performance in epic battles.


The EvoCreo Mod Apk is a remarkable role-playing action game that has crossed 50K downloads on the Google Play Store. In short, it is a superb game. It will be a great experience for you. If you want to enjoy its stunning features then download it with a single click only. Just click on the download button present at the bottom of this page.


Why I should prefer EvoCreo Mod Apk over its standard app?

You should prefer it over its standard version because you can enjoy its premium features for free in its mod version including unlimited money, infinite gems, completely ad-free, and free to download. If you want to enjoy these features in its standard app then you have to pay some money on monthly basis.

Do I require to root my device to download the EvoCreo Unlimited Gem Mod?

No, you can easily download it without rooting your device. Just click on the download button present at the bottom of this page to successfully download it on your device.

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