Emergency HQ Mod Apk 1.7.20 (Unlimited Money, Speed Up)

Emergency HQ MOD Apk is a role-playing game published by Promotion Software GmbH where players have to order emergency units to protect people in emergency situations. Each unit performs a specific task and you have to command it. It is not easy to supervise these emergency units because you will face many difficulties while doing this job but you can do it by using distinct techniques.

They have to find a mission, develop requirements for the mission and have to plan distinct strategies to complete the mission wonderfully. They also face the problem of fuel shortages in cars and water shortages which cause a problem for the units, especially for firefighters in rescuing the people. If you like role-playing games then you should try them.

Emergency HQ MOD Apk

Emergency hq apk is a casual game that comes in emergency situations, players act as a manager who has to deal with emergencies wisely by ordering their four units. The four units comprises of hospital staff, firefighters, police headquarters and construction engineers. Each unit has to accomplish a certain task. Firefighters save people’s lives from fire and they also protect the animals from all hazards while police departments are liable to protect the city from the terrorist and their other rivals. The medical staff have to ensure their citizens’ health during their injuries or other medical issues and the engineers have to construct the units which deal with emergencies.

In the Emergency HQ Apk, players can enroll in distinct groups in the free league and achieve the thrilling missions present in the game with their friends. The players can enjoy these role-playing games by achieving several levels. At the start of the game, the levels are easy but they will become difficult as you accomplish the following levels. So with the passage of time, players can upgrade their firefighters, fire trucks, medical staff, police officers, police stations and even their playing techniques.

Name Emergency HQ Mod Apk
Publisher Promotion Software GmbH
Category Strategic
Size 868MB
Version 1.7.20
Special Feature Unlimited Speed, Money & No Ads
Price Free
Get it on Google Play Store

Plus Point Regarding Emergency HQ mod apk


Emergency HQ offers impressive features of character customization to its players. The players can easily create their character in the game with a vast range of customers and other things to build their character cool. They can purchase epic customes and other things from the store of the game.

In the Emergency HQ rescue strategy mod apk, players can also create their Fire brigade trucks, police Stations, hospitals, and other buildings in the city.

emergency hq unlimited evrything free download

Diverse Vehicles

It offers a vast range of vehicles in its four units. It offers a police car, police van, and police helicopter in the Police department. Ambulance, air ambulance, intensive care transport vehicle in paramedics. Tow truck, water tender, heavy-duty tow truck, and turntable ladder for firefighters and engineers.

Won Thrilling Rewards

Players can win the thrilling rewards by accomplishing the daily missions in the game rely on the time they took to finalize the missions. By achieving the daily tasks or missions promptly in the game they will earn more coins the game. They can also earn the diamonds in the game by seeing the ads.

Easy Control System

The Emergency HQ offers an easy control system to its players. Players can easily move their units by the virtual stick present on the screen. They can use distinct types of equipment by tapping on the buttons present on your device screen. For example, if you need to report a murder you can click on the report button when you observe a dead body. So a beginner can easily play this game easily without any difficulty. If they still have some problems they can watch the tutorial of this game then they can easily grasp it.

emergency hq unlock all levels


In an emergency hq latest version players can also play the sensational mini-games each with a different playing style. They can find thrilling mini-games in daily tasks. They can receive rewards by achieving these daily tasks.

Challenging Accidents

In the Emergency HQ, players will find a lot of accidents and missions. You have to crack them wisely because you will face several problems while doing these missions such as a shortage of water, fuel and other things. So be ready to face these situations wisely.

emergency hq mod apk unlimited money and diamonds

Unlimited Money

The modified version of Emergency HQ mod apk comes with unlimited money. In the standard version of this game, players can earn coins by achieving the daily tasks and missions present in the game. By using these coins they can purchase exclusive items and upgrade them. But in this mod apk players can get all the exclusive items and upgrade them in the game irrespective of the coins because it offers unlimited coins.


Another attractive feature of this game is it is completely ad-free unlike its standard app filled with various ads which disturb the players during the game. You will enjoy a smooth gaming experience without the interference of any third party.

Free of Cost

Enjoy everything is completely free of cost. In spite of all these amazing features, it is completely free to play. Players can easily enjoy this game with all premium features without spending their precious money.

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 Facts About Emergency HQ

  • Can assess and show their talent by doing good
  • Simple rescuing game with a simple control system
  • Wonderful 2D animation graphics and sound systems


Emergency HQ Mod Apk is very fascinating with several tricky situations which need incredible techniques to deal with them. It is a great brain game that enhances the players’ skills. The multiple customizations, incredible characters, unique weapons, amazing graphics, endless money and premium features make it distinct from all other games of this genre.


On which devices does the Emergency HQ apk run smoothly?

Players can easily download this game on any android device. It can run smoothly on all the Android devices of version 5.0 or on above.

Is it an online or offline game?

The emergency HQ unlimited everything is an online game that requires an interrupted internet for playing this game.

Which type of vehicles does emergency HQ offer?

It offers a police car, police van, police helicopter, ambulance, air ambulance, intensive care transport vehicle, Tow truck, water tender, heavy-duty tow truck and turntable ladder.

When was Emergency Hq apk officially released?

It was officially released on Dec 15, 2017 for Android and iOS devices worldwide.

How emergency HQ mod apk differs from its standard app?

Emergency Hq apk free download offers some special features which you ever lacked in its standard app.

Its special features include:

  • Endless money
  • Unconditional speed
  • Ad-free
  • Opened all levels
  • Endless everything
  • User friendly
  • Opened all characters

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